Le Marche, a great place to buy, a wonderful place to live

Buying Process

Infinity Marche accompanies the customer at all stages of the process of purchasing a property.

The first step. The Infinity Marche team cares about customer satisfaction. Precisely for this reason, our first step is to mediate to find the most advantageous accord between the seller and the buyer until we reach a purchase price which is mutually satisfactory.

The second step. The advice and support of Infinity Marche experts then continues with the writing up of the preliminary contract that binds the interest and commitment of both parties in completing the sale.

The third step. The last important step is that of the notarial deed. Even in this phase, the customer is accompanied step by step so that everything is clear and understood. Competence and professionalism by your side accompanying you to the threshold of your dream home, your new daily reality.


What is needed:

Tax Code: This is an identification code which includes name, surname, date and place of birth of a person.

A Bank account in Italy: This is necessary for the purchase because payments are made with Italian bank drafts.


Step 1: The Offer

Once you have chosen the property you wish to buy, the agency proceeds to negotiate between the parties asking the Buyer to sign a proposal for the property purchase. The proposal contains the description of the property, financial and urban planning details, terms of payment and the deadline for the final act (the rogito/atto notarile). By signing this proposal the Buyer declares his intention to buy the property at an agreed price and pays the real estate agent a sum of money by way of deposit. If the Seller does not accept the proposal within the prescribed period, the deposit will be returned. If accepted, this sum will be immediately forwarded to the Seller by the Real Estate Agent.

Step 2: Preliminary Contract

The signing of the preliminary contract is the most important stage of the sales process. This is a legally binding private contract in which the parties undertake to enter into the Sale and Purchase Deed. In the preliminary is inserted all the technical information concerning the property, the Buyer's and the Seller's data, the price and the method of payment. The preliminary contract is then signed by both parties and the Buyer pays a sum as a deposit, usually amounting to 10- 20% of the purchase price. The Real Estate Agent will, at the Buyer's expense, register the contract with the Inland Revenue within one month of signing. If the Buyer withdraws from the preliminary contract, the buyer will lose the entire deposit. In the event that the Seller rescinds the offer, the Seller shall pay to the Buyer double the deposit paid.

Step 3: Final Deed

The deed of sale is signed by a notary chosen by the buyer. The notary will ensure that the property and land are free of mortgage bonds. The signing of the act transfers the ownership and possession to the Buyer who will pay the balance owing by cashier cheques or bank transfer. They legal fees and purchase taxes are also borne by the Buyer and the fee can vary depending to whether the property is registered to an individual, or company that purchases, or as a first or second home.

Liliana Pivato created INFINITYmarche to help you to chose your ideal home in this beautiful part of Italy