Le Marche, a great place to buy, a wonderful place to live


Buying a home is much more than just buying a property. It is to give theatre to one's life, a realm of feelings where clients can build their futures and realize their dreams. Infinity Marche is a real estate agency that has worked for over ten years in the selection, care and sale in the Marche of farmhouses, villas, cottages, exclusive houses and luxury properties, historic buildings and apartments by the sea or beautiful solutions in the historic center. But the work does not stop there.

Infinity Marche is, in fact, an infinite vision of the multiple needs of the client, from those who are merely practical and concrete, relating to the purchase of the home to the most intimate and emotional ones. Infinity Marche is the study of the client and his needs.


Professionalism, reliability, courtesy and the search for practical living solutions are the key words that underpin the philosophy of the Infinity Marche real estate agency. A wide range of possibilities to choose from, a team of real estate professionals to whom you can rely to give substance to your dreams. From purchase to renovation, from building consultancy to that of an architect or interior designer. With Infinity Marche buying a property means being able to access a world of services all carried out with extreme competence and professionalism.

Liliana Pivato created INFINITYmarche to help you to chose your ideal home in this beautiful part of Italy